Worried Your Business Will Need To Close When You Retire?

Struggling To Understand Why Anyone Would Buy The Day-To-Day Stress You Are Under?

Do You Ever Feel Like Every Day Is Just A Little Bit Harder Than The Last?

It's time to turn it all around.


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Imagine if You Could ...

Turn your business into something really sellable

Learn the proven strategies that can make any business more attractive to potential buyers and retire with 3-5 times more profit.

Turn your staff into assets for any new buyer

Find out the secret to turning your staff from people who ask a lot of questions into an extension of the business who help drive your business forward and be worth every dollar of your sale – not to mention making your life easier before you cash out.

Get to enjoy your last years as the CEO not the hustler

Uncover the step-by-step plan to getting out of the grunt work – without killing profits.

Learn to communicate your business financials in a way that makes selling your business easy

By taking the time to really understand your numbers, you’ll be able to show potential buyers that your business is a smart investment.

Turn your unsellable business into your retirement nest egg

Most business owners don’t realize that their business can be their biggest asset – even if it isn’t currently doing well. By following my proven, step-by-step process, you can turnaround your unsellable business and make it into your retirement nest egg. This system is reliable and predictable, and it has helped numerous business owners get the pay day they deserve

Work with one mentor with a complete blueprint to cash out of your business.

One comprehensive, straightforward system encompassing everything you need to Cash Out of your business with the payday you deserve.

Work with a mentor who has done just this for many others before you.

This is now your chance! Let’s find out!

Spaces are Limited

The Process

Business Exit Strategies by Murray Phillips

Murray has become known as The Cash Out Catalyst for one reason: because his method works!  His decades of experience, his commitment to the success of your business and his diverse industry background make him uniquely qualified.  His black box system has been proven time-and again as it produces unparalleled results for all types of businesses – big or small!  It’s the perfect solution for business owners who have begun feeling the pressure from their business and who are asking themselves “How long will I keep doing this day-to-day hustle?” And because Murray values your time and money, he will do whatever it takes to ensure you too can CASH OUT and get the pay day you deserve.

Get ready to Cash Out

And enjoy the results of your hard work for the rest of your life.

Lay Of The Land

Before setting out on your path towards cashing out, we’ve got to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.  Murray will set you a series of tasks that require some soul searching, leading you to think about yourself and your business in new ways.

  • Stop the overwhelm and get organised
  • Say goodbye to coffee-fuelled all-nighters 
  • Stop being a slave to your business – work smarter, not harder
  • Get laser-focused on what’s important
  • Start living a life that matters

Deep Dive

Deep Dive:

This is where the good stuff happens.  Murray will review your preliminary tasks, your website, your most recent financial records, and anything else that might be relevant – send it all his way!  He’ll use it to create your customised Cash Out Strategy.

  • Remove the obstacles that have been holding your back
  • Access hidden opportunities that have been right in front of you
  • Create a set of accounts that buyers can understand
  • Make your business more desirable to buyers

Session One

No one wants to buy a business that isn’t systemised. A business without systems is disorganised and chaotic, and no one wants to deal with that. If you want to sell your business, you need to have systems in place that potential buyers can see and understand. Otherwise, your life’s work is likely to retire with you. Murray’s approach to systemising your business will revolutionise how your business operates.  Designed with the goal of implementing changes that increase productivity, no longer will the burden of day-to-day operations rest on your shoulders. To do this, Murray will look at your whole business, allowing you the flexibility and opportunity of growth without compromising on quality or service, this approach will attract investors like moths drawn towards the flame!

  • Stop working endless hours just to keep your business afloat, will improving your staff’s efficiency. 
  • Gain back control of your time and finally do what you love
  • Increase your company’s sales price by unlocking trapped value
  • Uncover the secret to keeping your business running while simultaneously freeing up more time to do what you love
  • Create an environment that makes it easy to do business – Your customers will love you!

Session Two

No one will buy a business where the founder is essential… needed or even called upon.  A business needs to be well-run and have an experienced team in place who can take it forward once you’ve left, or else your potential to cash out might never come!  Murray will identify areas of your involvement which can be entrusted to other people.  This empowering move will see you hand off responsibility while getting peace of mind that your business will be well-run and thriving, while simultaneously giving you time and space away from your business to reflect and develop new strategies and prepare for what is ahead.

  • Quit your day job and finally become the CEO of your own business
  • Save time and money by effectively delegating tasks that are weighing you down by either outsourcing or promoting qualified employees already in the business 
  • Avoid professional burnout and increase your business’s ability to evolve by replacing yourself with new leaders while stimulating creativity and developing new skills in your team
  • Ensure you can show any potential buyer that your business can function without you and create a healthy transition at the time of sale.
  • Take a holiday without checking in 

Session Three

Are you accounts up to the scrutiny of a potential buyer?  Murray will show you want you need to do to show that your financial performance is strong and has an improving trend, so that any potential buyer is excited to write you a big cheque, fulfilling your dream of CASHING OUT

  • Enhance your odds of selling your business for a significant profit by closing your businesses value gap
  • Get the skills you need to turn your financial reporting around so that you can increase your chances of get the pay day you deserve for your business
  • Transform your existing business into one that is attractive and straightforward to investors.
Business Exit Consultant

Murray On Speed Dial

Murray is committed to helping you cash out, and he won’t let anything stand in between. Murray will provide you with his personal cell phone number, which you’re welcome to call anytime. Don’t spend hours trying to figure something out on your own, when a five-minute call will get you back on the path to Cashing Out.

The Intensive Format

Business coaching is a great way to improve your business and work with an expert. But if you’ve tried business coaching before, chances are you have noticed that most coaches work on month-to-month engagements with vague deliverables and no clear endings in sight.

Murray has a very limited number of clients at any given time, so he focuses on targeted short-term engagements. You’ll walk out the door after these sessions with your entire strategy to Cash Out already outlined, begun its implementation and seen ROI! There’s no need to pay him beyond that, as you’ll have everything you need in order to sustain momentum towards getting the pay day you deserve.

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Spaces are Limited

Are you ready to cash out your business?

Understand How Sales-Ready Your Business Is Today

Understanding how sales-ready your business is today, can give you insight into any weaknesses that may prevent you from cashing out; while also providing specific steps you can take to make sure you get the pay day you deserve.