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Murray Phillips

The Cash Out Catalyst

Before Murray became known as The Cash Out Catalyst for helping business owners get the payday their life’s work deserves, he watched his parents and then his first employer sell out for cents in the dollar.

While luckier than most, who fail to sell and see their legacy live on, Murray made it his personal mission to create a blueprint to ensure that not only more businesses secured a buyer but also obtained the payday they deserved.

Today, Murray’s tried and battle-tested system has helped business owners from industries as diverse as hospitality and manufacturing obtain offers three to four times what they would have received otherwise – if they received an offer at all.

Business Exit Planning Consultant Murray Phillips

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Why these overlooked steps are critical to your cash out success

While 80% off all business owners face adversity within just five short years, you have created a going concern, that has lasted years and paid your families way. Unfortunately, while successful in the eyes of everyone that beholds you, you know that you have kind of created yourself a very busy job.

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Get the pay day you deserve

Are You At Risk of Letting Your Life's Work retire With You?

Your life’s work should be something that you’re proud of – something that you can look back on and say, “I built that.” But what happens if you are not careful? What if, instead of leaving your legacy behind, you let your life’s work retire with you?

Don’t let that happen. There is still to make a difference. Find out today if you are ready to cash out of your business and get the payday you deserve.

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Why Poor Financial Records Cost Business Owners When They Come to Sell

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Are you ready to cash out your business?

The Cash Out Catalyst Intensive

You’re fed up. Tired of putting in long hours and not seeing the results you deserve. You want to cash out of your business and finally get the pay day you’ve been dreaming of.

Sound familiar? If so, then it’s time to join the Intensive.

The Intensive is a proven program that will help you deliver the results you need to achieve your goals. With Murray’s help, you’ll learn the secrets to cashing out of your business and getting the payday you deserve. So don’t wait any longer, join the Intensive today!

Having a meeting with Murray, it was a great opportunity to learn about cash out catalyst. In todays market, being prepared is essential if you are selling your business.

Cash out catalyst is a system that provides the steps needed to ensure your business is ready for the potential buyer.

Thanks Murray for your expertise, knowledge and experience.

Kelly O'Donoghue
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